Monday Laptop Club

Monday Laptop Club


Monday LAPTOP CLUB at Isherwood & Co

Being surrounded by plants is excellent for your wellbeing, creativity and productivity. What better way to start your week than working in a lush, plant packed room with fellow freelancers.

Banish those Monday blues!

We noticed there’s a real need for co-working space in our neighbourhood when the cafes / library are closed on Mondays. We have a nice big table for workshops which seats 8-10 people, right in the middle of the shop. We’re not using the space on Mondays, so we thought it made sense to invite locals in to come and work from in here for a small fee.

We have strong wifi, heating, electricity for you to plug in your chargers, and a kettle/fridge so you can bring your own lunch / make hot drinks. No nursing your coffee necessary here!

The sessions will be minded by Jonny from Artefact Projects. Owner Jordan Isherwood will be minding the April sessions.

Sessions may be cancelled for insufficient bookings; we will need a minimum of four people per session. Please note that we use our workshop seating which are stools, if you would be more comfortable with a chair please feel free to bring your own.

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